Our Story
We passionately believe that everyone who needs a sight-restoring corneal treatment, anywhere in the world, should have access to the care they need.
We serve as a global leader and partner to eliminate corneal blindness worldwide by 2040.
One Shared Mission
Our parent organization SightLife, founded in 1969, is the only non-profit global health organization solely focused on eliminating corneal blindness worldwide. We are a for-profit subsidiary of SightLife, launched in the fall of 2016 to accelerate the mission by driving innovations in research, products, therapeutics, prevention and policy to help those living with treatable corneal blindness.
Our Commitments
SightLife Surgical is continuing SightLife’s legacy of providing surgeons and their patients with the highest quality corneal tissue and services while also pushing boundaries to transform the corneal ecosystem in three core areas.
How We Work Together
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Enduring Expertise
Together with SightLife, we are the largest providers of corneas for transplant in the world with deep experience in all aspects of eye banking and corneal transplantation.

From eye donation to evaluation to transplant, we work with hospitals, donor families, recipients and surgeons to provide the most advanced and efficient technologies available.

Together with partners in more than 30 countries, Sightlife and SightLife Surgical are increasing access to care and the number of corneal transplants performed each year. Since 1969, we have grown from 700 corneas available for transplant to nearly 30,000 to transform millions of lives around the globe.

Learn more about SightLife’s values, history and the NW Lions Foundation.
Our Labs
Our five state-of-the-art laboratories provide the most innovative and advanced tissue processing methods available, seven days a week. We regularly handle more corneas than any other U.S. eye bank — our expertise comes from our people and the number of corneas they prepare each day. SightLife Surgical technicians have processed more than 45,000 corneas. So you can be assured that the tissue you order will be delivered promptly and meet your precise expectations.
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of corneal transplant tissue, processed to the standards set by our parent organization, SightLife, and within regulations established by the FDA and the Eye Bank Association of America.

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