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SightLife Surgical is the largest provider of corneal tissue for transplant in the world. Our highly trained medical staff has more experience in evaluating and preparing corneal tissue than staff at any other eye bank, resulting in the highest quality tissue for your patients.

To place an order, follow the steps below:
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How to Order
Before ordering, schedule the surgery at least seven days in advance. Then, place your order via one of the available methods. We will confirm your order within one day of receipt, and deliver tissue the day before the scheduled surgery (unless requested earlier).

If your MySightLife profile indicates that you prefer a tissue offer, SightLife Surgical will make you an offer the day before your scheduled surgery, or earlier depending on surgeon preference.

Ordering Methods
Select one of the ordering methods at right.

Online: For the most comprehensive access to all tissue types available, including research tissue, and better service, please use MySightLife, our online tissue request system.

If you prefer not to order through MySightLife, use our secure Online Guest Form.

Fax: Download the Tissue Request form (PDF) to fill out and return via the fax number provided.
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How to Return Tissue
If you need to return tissue, contact the lab that fulfilled your tissue request immediately, upon determination that you would like to return tissue. The contact information for the lab is located on the box and paperwork received with the tissue.

If you cannot locate those materials, please call (877) 682-8502. We will work with you to arrange return transportation and will call you back to confirm with shipment details and packaging instructions. A courier will pick up package. We are available 24/7.
Reimbursement Assistance
SightLife Surgical is committed to fixing payment paradigms to ensure adequate reimbursement for surgeons and access to care for patients. 

If you need assistance with reimbursement, SightLife Surgical is pleased to provide reimbursement consulting to help guide you in billing corneal tissue to your local Medicare carrier and other commercial insurance carriers.

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“The corneas offered from SightLife
Surgical consistently have had a higher
endothelial cell count and the donor tissue
preparation has been more precise.”
- Audrey Chan, M.D.
Boston, MA
Tissue Services
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of corneal transplant tissue, processed to the exacting standards set by our parent organization, SightLife, and within regulations established by the FDA and the Eye Bank Association of America.

We regularly handle more corneas than any other U.S. eye bank. SightLife Surgical technicians have processed more than 45,000 corneas.

Five state-of-the-art laboratories provide the most innovative and advanced processing methods available, seven days a week. So you can be assured that the tissue you order is delivered promptly and meets your precise expectations. 
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Adverse Reaction Reporting
We request your cooperation in reporting any complications that occur in your recipients so that we may comply with EBAA and FDA regulations.  

Please fill out the Adverse Reaction Report (PDF) and Adverse Reaction Questionnaire (PDF) forms, then email to quality@sightlifesurgical.com, or fax to (206) 838-4609.  

Questions? Please contact our Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Department at (877) 682-8502.
Contact our Clinical Services Team at tissue@sightlifesurgical.com. Expect a response to email within 24 hours. If you need an immediate response, please call (877) 682-8502.